General Questions

1. What is Penang Smart Parking?
Penang Smart Parking is an initiative of the state government of Penang to upgrade parking system to more systematic parking system

2. How to download Penang Smart Parking application?
Public Users can download applications through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (Coming Soon).

3. What operating system is used to support the Penang Smart Parking application?
Applications are supported by the following operating systems:
i. Android version 4.4.4 (KitKat) and above
ii. iOS version 12.1 and above

4. What are the benefits of using the Penang Smart Parking app?
Easy, fast and efficient

5. Which languages support the Penang Smart Parking application?
Penang Smart Parking provides applications in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

6. What browser is suitable for using the Penang Smart Parking Portal?
The Public Users of the Penang Smart Parking application are encouraged to use the browser below:
i. Chrome Version 73
ii.Internet Explorer 11

7. Is there a way for Public Users like senior citizens who are less knowledgeable about using smart apps?
Public Users can use the Penang Smart Parking application through the following methods:
i. Electronic coupons (e-Coupons) which are sold through agents.
ii. Payment can be done by a third party such as a child or relative.

8. What if the Public User has more than 1 vehicle?
i.There is no limit to the number of vehicles that a User can register.
ii.The system also allows users to make payments for other vehicles.

9.Will the system display the nearest available parking space (TLK-Tempat Letak Kereta)?
Yes. The Public Users must specify the location / zone of choice.

10. Is there a way if Public Users do not have access to smartphones to extend parking duration?
Public Users can access the system through Penang Smart Parking Portal to extend their parking duration

11. Can user reserve a parking space for several hours / days?
Parking space reservation is not allowed.

12. Does Penang Smart Parking provide monthly booking method?
Yes, user can buy a monthly pass.

Data Security and User Support

1. What is the security of Public User personal data?
Public User data is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) and is not shared with third parties

2. What action should be taken if a Public User's phone is stolen?
Public Users can install the new equipment using the same phone number and the information will be restored.

3. What action should be taken if Public Users are having problems using the Penang Smart Parking app?
Public User may call 03 80268128 for assistance directly from the officer in charge.


1. How can Public Users top up?
Public Users can top up by clicking on the RELOAD button with a minimum value of RM 10.00.

2. What is the payment mode provided for the reload?
The payment modes available are Credit / Debit Card, FPX & e-Wallet.

3. What is the maximum value for each top up transaction?
The maximum value for each transaction is RM999.00. Users can make multiple payments without limit.

4. Can users get refunds for transactions they have made?
No refunds allowed.

5. Whom should Public User contact if he/she has any further questions or concerns regarding the Penang Smart Parking application?
For further inquiries, should contact:
i. Telephone No : 03 – 8026 8128.
ii. E-mel : support_psp@htpsmartsolution.com.my.

Monthly Pass

1. How many vehicles can be registered for a monthly pass?
Only one vehicle is allowed to register for each monthly pass.

2. Is the monthly pass transferable to another vehicle?

3. How do I check the status of my monthly pass?
The status can be checked through the monthly pass screen.

4. How can the enforcer confirm the status of the monthly pass?
Authorities may conduct checks through the equipment provided.