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Smart City Initiative

A pioneer Smart City project by Penang State Government towards Penang 2030 on improving environmental, financial, and social aspects of urban life.


Leveraging mobile and Internet of Thing (IoT) technology with the use of smart mobile application and e-wallet platform.

Parking Facility

Covers 36,000 State-owned parking lots throughout Penang.


Intelligent enforcement using Big Data analytics tools.



Bringing the community a step closer towards a cashless society. Enjoy the convenience of digital transactions using mobile wallets.

Secure Payments

Transactions are done through a highly secure, quick and user-friendly payment platform, rest assured that your information will be protected.

Parking Spot Availability

Identifying free parking spots and providing that information to users on the road.

Real-time Notification

Sending reminders to users before their ticket expires to avoid penalties on overdue parking.

Parking History

Get the parking lot history of all your properties by date.

Integration with JPJ

Implement better enforcement with Road Transport Department Malaysia real-time integrated data.


Top up payment for the Penang Smart Parking e-wallet is non-refundable.
Any terms on this page referring to the "top up", "monthly pass", and "daily token" are also applicable to the Penang Smart Parking.